AFI Silver Theatre's Education Program offers professional development sessions on the following topics that can be customized to school or school system objectives and CORE Standards:

Lights! Camera! Education!
A 1 or 2-day workshop that gives teachers the fundamental skills needed to guide students in filmmaking-related projects. Teachers will learn the skills to use current technology for planning and executing film projects, appropriate for their subject and grade level.

Click here for a more in-depth description of a Lights! Camera! Education! workshop.

Teaching with Narrative Film
In these sessions, teachers will learn how to see film as text and connect it to their subject matter. Instructors will also cover the following topics: how to use film clips, ask good questions about film text, basic film terms, the role of music in film and more!

Teaching with Documentaries
This session will highlight the genre of the documentary form by learning different types of non-fiction genres, the documentary structure, and argument and persuasion techniques.

All sessions for teachers are customizable, but a minimum of 15 teachers per session are recommended. Contact SilverEducation@AFI.com for pricing and availability.