THE PAINTING [Le tableau]

"Enchanting!...This consistently enjoyable, inventive and beautifully crafted tale is a color riot suitable for all ages... A constant feast for the eyes." – Boyd Van Hoeij, Variety

Inside the magical world of a painting, figures divide themselves into three castes: the realistically rendered, highly polished Alldunns, who hold court in a castle; the Halfies, who for want of a brushstroke are denied the privileges of the Alldunns; and the Sketchies, rough and ragged outlines treated as untouchables by the others. A forbidden romance between the Halfie Claire and the Alldunn Ramo leads the two, along with Claire's friend Lola, to run away – all the way to the edge of their painting, where they hop out of the frame and into the studio of the man who created them. An inventive, animated fable about art and life, appearance and perception.

DIR/SCR Jean-François Laguionie; SCR Anik Le Ray; PROD Éric Jacquot, Armelle Glorennec. France/Belgium, 2011, color, 76 min. In French with English subtitles. Digital presentation. NOT RATED

No passes accepted.

Fri, Nov 16, 5:15; Mon, Nov 19, 5:15; Tue, Nov 20, 5:15

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