THE COLOR OF THE CHAMELEON [Цветът на хамелеона]

This stylishly satirical spy spoof is the directorial debut of acclaimed cinematographer Emil Hristow (ZIFT, 2009 AFI European Union Film Showcase). Oddball Batko Stamenov is an orphan, pathological liar and chronic masturbator. It turns out this makes him an ideal candidate for a secret police informant in communist Bulgaria. Tasked with infiltrating the "Club for New Thinking," a rebellious student group, Batko takes on the work with glee until he's undeservedly sacked. Undeterred, Batko creates his own web of informants to gather dirt on his former government employers and each other. Official Selection, 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

DIR Emil Hristow; SCR/PROD Vladislav Todorov; PROD Bouriana Zakharieva. Bulgaria, 2012, color, 114 min. In Bulgarian with English subtitles. Digital presentation. NOT RATED S V L

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Sat, Nov 17, 10:30; Sun, Nov 18, 7:40

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