MUSHROOMING [Seenelkäik]
2012 Oscar Selection, Estonia

The political and media elite – or what passes for it – square off in this pointed and quirky comedy. Estonian MP Aadu Kägu, fresh off a demeaning but successful appearance on a moronic game show that his young staff orchestrated for him, looks forward to a quiet day in the country picking mushrooms with his wife. But nothing goes according to plan: first they get saddled with moody rocker Zak, marooned at a gas station; then a reporter harasses Aadu by phone, threatening an exposé on his expenses; and finally the group runs afoul of a crazed hermit, who has a bone to pick with city dwellers. Official Selection, 2012 Karlovy Vary, Toronto Film Festivals.

DIR/SCR Toomas Hussar; PROD Piret Tibbo-Hudgins. Estonia, 2012, color, 93 min. In Estonian with English subtitles. NOT RATED V L

No passes accepted.

Sat, Nov 17, 11:00 a.m.; Tue, Nov 20, 9:30

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